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My service to IAFN has always been an honor for me and an opportunity to give back to my colleagues who have been there for me during my nursing career.  The committees on which I have served have been a springboard to connecting with other forensic nurses, growing as a nurse and seeing forensic nurses through the eyes of others.  This has expanded my ability to care for patients, to develop educational opportunities for forensic nurses, and to advance my scholarship. 

Anita Hufft, PhD, RN, Valdosta, GA

Forensic Nurses Week

November 10th through 14th, 2014 is Forensic Nurses Week-an event to recognize nurses and other professionals who lead the healthcare system’s response to violence around the world. Nurses and other professionals around the world can help us by distributing the official press release, informing their colleagues about Forensic Nursing, and wearing lilac--the color of the Forensic Nursing Practice!

Remember 11-14-14 is Lilac Day

Look How Our Members Celebrated in the Past

Forensic Nursing Excellence:

Recently we sent out a Call for Peer Recognition for those forensic nurses that are active members of the association--those who helps individuals and communities by providing preventive services, developing policy, influencing legislation and collaborating with other healthcare, social services, and criminal justice system professionals to enhance the care of their patients and perpetrators of violence. Members of the International Association of Forensic Nurses witness their colleagues perform exceptional community outreach. We want to recognize these outstanding forensic nurses for bringing awareness to the specialty and compassion to their patients. 2013 highlighted forensic nurses are:

Alison Cathro    Araceli Desmarais  Christine Campbell    Chris Jolliffe   Cynthia Jennings

Jennifer Alterson   Josephine Davis  Karine (Chip) Zakroczymski   Katie Davis     

Kimberly Womack  Myna Shegog    Nancy Downing    Sarah Smith - Hines             

Shawanna Eckert    Tara Blandford-Mayberry   Tiffany Bartz   Jill Rable

About Forensic Nurses

Studies show that nearly 40% of people experience consequential violence or abuse, and these victims access the healthcare system at least twice as frequently as those without a history. Forensic Nurses are the first responders to victims once they enter the healthcare system. Forensic nurses care for victims and perpetrators of physical, psychological and/or social violence and/or abuse.  Forensic nurses provide nursing care, collect evidence and provide consultation in a variety of areas including: sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, death investigation,  elder mistreatment, corrections, emergency services, mental health and public health. Learn more

About Forensic Nurses Week

Forensic Nurses Week is organized by the International Association of Forensic Nurses, a nursing association representing over 3,000 registered nurses, death investigators, other forensic medical professionals, correctional officers, and law enforcement. To celebrate, these professionals will be raising awareness in their communities by putting up posters in their facilities, educating their colleagues about the practice, and wearing lilac—the designated color of Forensic Nursing

Forensic Nurses on YouTube

Are you subscribed to the Forensic Nurses YouTube Channel? Check out all of the great videos available to you. You can learn more about the forensic nursing specialty, share the videos with your community leaders or in a classroom setting. Any way you share it you are promoting awareness and bringing attention to the importance of patient care.

So during Forensic Nurses Week, visit our channel and share the videos with your peers, students and even your hospital adminstrators. Let your voice be heard: Violence is a Health Care Issue.

Forensic Nurses Week Resources:

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2013 Press Releases:

Official Press Release (International) - .PDF
For general use in sending to local, national, and international publications.

Official Press Release (Local)
- .DOC   

For use in honoring nurses in your community. Enter nurse's name & community.

Articles of Interest: 

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Join us on Facebook for Forensic Nurses Week! Become a fan of our page and share your stories, pictures or videos.We at the IAFN want to know how you celebrated! Remember 11-14-14 is Lilac Day - the color of Forensic Nurses. For more information please email Marisa Raso, .



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